Founded by two passionate people that live and breathe all things Augmented, Virtual, Wear-able, Connect-able and above all, Scalable.  

At Virtual Method, we bring a broad and strategic approach to advanced technologies, seeking-out and deeply-aligning with the world’s best SAAS & Hardware, giving our customers the opportunity to build rock solid business cases and achieve and fast and impressive ROI.  

AR and VR are undeniably moving towards the mainstream, according to the world’s leading disruption-barometers, and many businesses are under-prepared for the impacts, using AR/VR as a tactic and not a platform-mandatory.

We consult with businesses to help them understand when, where and how these advanced technologies can fit into either the B2C or B2B customer experience and/or operational-mix, across many verticals.  

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David Francis - CEO & Co-Founder

David has worked full-time as a client-and-developer-facing Augmented and Virtual Reality professional, for almost 8 years. Working with a number of industry pioneers and leaders, he has ideated, sold and produced hundreds of campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world across multiple verticals. David is the Co-Founder of Virtual Method and also Head of APAC for Zappar, evangelising, ideating and growing the world’s leading mobile AR+VR solutions into global and regional brand-partners, educators and enterprise.

David has been a regular speaker at the Augmented World Expo since 2014 and keynotes regularly at events throughout Asia Pacific. He is also an advisor and mentor to several Startups. 


Carli Johnston - CXO & Co-Founder

Carli has been working in the AR + VR industry for over 2.5 years, coming from a successful career as a Designer, Brand + Culture Strategist, working with celebrities and household brand-names . She specialises in translating the advanced (and sometimes confusing) technologies of AR + VR, and inter-spatial storytelling, into clear consumer activators: zeitgeist trends and calls-to-action that increase engagement and ensure sales & marketing success. She is also the Co-Founder of Australia’s only Women in AR/VR group.