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We have more experience creating commercial Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality + Immersive Experiences, than any other specialist in Australia. 

Some of our brands & partners

We enjoy close relationships with the companies we create-for, with our hardware and software partners and other advanced technology companies, both in and out of stealth, around the world.


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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, overlaying and inter-weaving in real-time, the camera view of your smartphone, tablet, PC, connected wearable glasses or Head Mounted Display (HMD).


Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends their disbelief and accepts the virtual world as a real environment, accelerating learning and creating extraordinary empathy. 


Our work in IIoT, Telepresence & NLP + Visual AI allows us to work in-depth with technologies that complement AR and VR, providing the most natural and productive Human-Computer-Interactions available. 


some KIND words ABOUT US


Working with Virtual Method makes every project easier. David and Carli anticipate potential project bottlenecks, and work with their teams to streamline the process.

Virtual Method delivers value above and beyond most other agencies I have worked with. They create complex concepts with my marketing teams, with a level of depth that delivers true value to 3M’s business.

Their knowledge of the emerging Augmented & Digital Reality technology landscape is industry leading, and I am constantly learning new information from them to better achieve the business outcomes, I am aiming to deliver with this new technology.

I would recommend any business should work with Virtual Method if they wish to deliver on the promise of AR/VR.

            — Joe Millward - Head of Digital Realities, 3M


Thanks so much for all the hard work and contribution for the OPTUS event on Friday, I know it was tough to get it over the line! It was a success and I have heard some great feedback for the experience. Very cool, and exciting technology at play here!

            — Mary Voorwinde - Optus


Dave is one of the most intelligent, creative and ambitious professionals I have ever worked with. His grasp of marketing, account management and project management put Dave at the top of the field. He knows his clients well and always shows up with real solutions to their problems. In the AR world, no one is more passionate and knowledgeable than Dave Francis. I am very happy to have him on our side!

            â€” Matthew Firlick - Global Sales & Business Operations at DAQRI